The Court Proceeded to an In-Camera Part of the Plenary Session in the Case on the Constitutionality of the Privatisation of the State Joint-Stock Company “Ukrrudprom”

Версія для друку

Today, November 10, the Grand Chamber of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, in the public part of the plenary session in the form of written proceedings, deliberated the case upon the constitutional petition of 45 People’s Deputies of Ukraine on the conformity of the Law of Ukraine “On the Specifics of the Privatisation of Enterprises of the State Joint-Stock Company “Ukrrudprom”, Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On Measures to Privatize Blocks of Shares in the Enterprises of the State Joint-Stock Company “Ukrrudprom” with the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality). Having examined the case file in the public part, the Court proceeded to the in-camera part of the plenary session for a decision.

During the plenary session, the Judge-Rapporteur in the case Petro Filiuk informed the Court on the content of the constitutional petition, the grounds for initiating constitutional proceedings in the case, and the documents available in the case file.

The plenary session was chaired by the Acting Chairman of the Court Serhiy Holovaty.

The plenary session of the Grand Chamber was attended by the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denys Maliuska.

The public part of the plenary session is available on the Court’s official website under the heading “Archive of video broadcasts of the sessions”.


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