On March 2, 2024, interviews will be conducted with 5 candidates for the position of judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Версія для друку

March 1, 2024


On March 2, 2024, the Advisory Group of Experts will conduct interviews with candidates for the position of judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.

All interviews will be broadcast live and everyone can watch them online on the AGE and CCU pages.

Starting time – 9.30 am.

So, on Saturday, March 2, interviews are scheduled with such candidates as:

(1) Ihor Bychkov, judge, Kovpakivsky Raion Court of the city of Sumy, https://youtube.com/live/7QwoPMQVOV8?feature=share

(2) Oksana Blazhivska, judge, Commercial Court of the City of Kyiv, https://youtube.com/live/o4iuE8mtuTg?feature=share

(3) Olena Volkova, judge, Yuzhnoukrainsky City Court of Mykolaiv Oblast, https://youtube.com/live/38-kYJHpPxs?feature=share

(4) Olesia Halamay, judge, Commercial Court of Lviv Oblast https://youtube.com/live/XeWwd-UJgo8?feature=share

(5) Nataliya Denysenko, Deputy Director of the Department for Comparative-and-Legal Analysis – Manager of the Office for Comparative Studies of the Legal Department of the CCU Secretariat, https://youtube.com/live/Oz1R_zwsZR8?feature=share


We would like to remind you that within fifteen days following the interviews with all candidates, AGE undertakes the evaluation of candidates based on the criterion of high moral qualities.

As a result, candidates will receive a compliant or non-compliant rating from the AGE.

Candidates who will receive a non-compliant evaluation in terms of high moral qualities are considered to have not progressed past this particular stage, thereby concluding their participation in the competition.

Candidates which will receive a compliant evaluation at the moral qualities evaluation stage advance to the subsequent stage of the competition – the evaluation of their level of competence.

Importantly! If fewer than two individuals per vacancy will receive a compliant evaluation, a new competition for the relevant vacancy has to be announced.

Follow the news of the Advisory Group of Experts – a successful reform needs your attention and participation!




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