Main Tasks of the Legal Directorate

Версія для друку



1) preparation of preliminary opinions on constitutional petitions, constitutional appeals, as well as constitutional complaints lodged with the Court, which in form meet the requirements of the Law;

2) provision, upon the commission of judges-rapporteurs in cases, of analytical support for constitutional petitions, constitutional appeals and constitutional complaints during the constitutional proceedings, ensuring the preparation of opinions, information notes, information on issues raised in them;

3) preparation, upon the commission of judges-rapporteurs in cases, of analytical and other materials on appeals of all forms, according to which constitutional proceedings may be initiated;

4) research and analysis of the legislation of Ukraine, special scientific literature, other sources of information on the issues considered (may be considered) in the constitutional proceedings;

5) preparation of analytical and informational materials on the basis of research of the legislation of foreign countries, acts of international law, practice of bodies of constitutional jurisdiction of foreign countries, international judicial institutions on issues which are considered or can be considered in constitutional proceedings;

6) upon the relevant instructions, analysis and generalisation of practice of the Court, formation and maintenance of an up-to-date catalogue of legal positions of the Court, preparation of relevant information and review-analytical materials;

7) analysis of the state of execution of acts of the Court and instructions given by the Court concerning the procedure, terms and control of such execution;

8) provision the Court and its Secretariat with up-to-date and reliable information on the effective legal acts in Ukraine, control of their proper use during the execution of the Court's acts, provision of the necessary consultations in this regard;

9) provision of information to the Annual Information Report upon the results of the Court's activities on issues within the competence of the Directorate;

10) provision of personal reception in the Court on the implementation of a person's right to constitutional complaint, processing of citizens' appeals in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.


Head of the Directorate


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