Main tasks of the CCU Archive Sector

Версія для друку


1) ensuring the formation and staffing of the Archives of the Court with materials of the activities of the Court and the Secretariat of the Court with various media;

2) creation of security fund of decisions, opinions, rulings and other acts of the Court;

3) organisation of work on the formation and acquisition of the archival fund with materials of the Court's activity, documents of permanent and long-term (over 10 years) storage, on personnel issues (staff) of the Secretariat of the Court with various media;

4) formation of court case materials, including in electronic form, filling of the database with electronic documents of court cases, downloading them in the information and search system of the Court;

5) registration, processing, systematisation of minutes of sessions and plenary sessions of the Court, including in-camera parts of plenary sessions of senates or the Grand Chamber of the Court, and their formation in cases, which according to the List of information constituting official information in the Court are classified as “For official use”;

6) ensuring the formation and maintenance of an electronic archive of court cases and downloading of court materials on which the Court has adopted a decision or provided an opinion, except for the in-camera part of the plenary sessions of the Court and materials containing restricted information on the official website of the Court;

7) recording of documents submitted to the National Archive Fund and submitting information on their number to the relevant state archive institution;

8) participation in the compilation and approval of the consolidated nomenclature of cases of the Court, verification of compliance with the formation of documents in cases in accordance with the nomenclature approved;

9) conducting of a preliminary examination of the value of documents in storage, preparation and submission to the expert commission in the Court of draft descriptions of permanent storage, descriptions of cases of long-term (over 10 years) storage, descriptions of cases on personnel issues (staff), descriptions of court cases materials and acts of seizure for destruction of documents not included in the National Archive Fund;

10) organisation of use of archive documents, issuance of archive certificates, acts of the Court, extracts from the electronic archive of court case materials and sending them upon request to individuals and legal entities with the permission of the Chairman of the Court and the management of the Court Secretariat;

11) participation in events to improve the professional skills of employees of the Court who are responsible for working with documents.


Acting Head of the CCU Archive – Ms. Natalia KHARCHENKO


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