Main Tasks of the Administrative and Financial Directorate

Версія для друку



1) provision of legal support to the actions and positions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in its relations with legal entities of public and private law and individuals, on behalf of the Chairman of the Court provision of Court representation, participation in legal elaboration of drafts of internal administrative documents (draft orders of the Chairman of the Court, Head of the Secretariat);

2) participation in the formation of strategic and priority tasks of institutional development and functioning of the Court;

3) ensuring the development of long-term and current plans of financial, logistical, information and technological, economic support of the Court and the Secretariat of the Court;

4) deciding within its competence the issues of financial support of the Court and the Secretariat of the Court, taking measures to ensure financial capacity and efficient use of budget funds in the Court;

5) cooperation with the Court's Accounting Service in matters of preparation of the draft budget of the Court for its further approval in the prescribed manner;

6) formulation of proposals and implementation of measures for the strategic development of information technologies and information security systems in the Court;

7) ensuring access of judges of the Court and employees of the Secretariat to the necessary information resources on the basis of modern methods and means of data processing of computer networks and telecommunications;

8) implementation of modern information and technological and software and technical means of users' access to the information resources of the Court, provision of software and technical support for the functioning of the official website of the Court;

9) taking measures to implement in the Court modern systems of technical protection of information, telecommunications, security and fire safety and provision of the Court with means of communication and other necessary office equipment;

10) taking measures for the rational use of property and financial resources owned and/or managed by the Court;

11) planning and implementation of public procurement of goods, works and services and the conclusion and execution of relevant business agreements;

12) organisation and provision of work of the Tender Committee of the Court and the Commission on Sub-Threshold Electronic Procurement;

13) taking organisational measures for reliable and uninterrupted operation of engineering and technical systems of energy supply, heat and water supply in the buildings and premises of the Court;

14) ensuring proper working conditions for judges of the Constitutional Court and employees of the Secretariat of the Court;

15) carrying out in the prescribed manner measures for labour protection, fire safety, civil protection;

16) keeping records in the Directorate in accordance with the Instructions on record keeping in the Court;

17) participation in the inventory of material values ​​of the Court.


Head of the Directorate - Mr. Valerii ALOSHYN


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