Results of Constitutional Court’s Activity in November

Версія для друку

In November the Constitutional Court of Ukraine held 39 sessions and adopted 80 acts of the Court.

In particular, there were held 13 plenary sessions and 7 sessions of the Grand Chamber of the Court, 2 sessions of the Court; 4 plenary sessions of the First Senate, 5 plenary sessions and 4 sessions of the Second Senate, as well as 4 sessions of the Boards of Judges of the First and Second Senates of the Court.

At these sessions, 80 acts were adopted, including: 67 rulings of the Grand Chamber; 2 rulings of the Court; 5 rulings of the First and Second Senates, 6 rulings of the Boards of Judges.

In November, 27 constitutional complaints were filed with the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. According to the results of the preliminary examination, 12 constitutional complaints were distributed to judges-rapporteurs, 14 complaints that did not comply with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine” were returned to the applicants. One constitutional complaint is being processed.

The Secretariat of the Court prepared and sent 68 responses to inquiries for public information and citizens' appeals.

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