The Presidents of the Constitutional Courts of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland expressed their solidarity with Ukraine on the external aggression against our state

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The Presidents of the Constitutional Courts of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland expressed their solidarity with Ukraine on the external aggression against our state


President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia Aldis Laviņš, President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania Dainius Žalimas  and President of the Constitutional Tribunal of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Rzepliński expressed their solidarity with Ukraine on defending our country's territorial integrity and countering external military aggression in the Eastern regions of the country during a roundtable, held on  July 15, 2014 within the framework of the visit of the delegations of the bodies of constitutional jurisdiction of Latvia, Lithuania and Poland to Ukraine.

In particular, Aldis Laviņš noted that he welcomes the opportunity to visit Ukraine at a difficult time for our country. According to him, they decided to come to Ukraine together with colleagues from Lithuania and Poland to express support for the Ukrainian people.

The President of the Constitutional Court of Latvia highly praised the Memorandum on Co-operation between the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the Constitutional Court of the Republic ofLatvia, which was signed during their visit and which will become the basis for organisation of joint conferences and meetings to discuss important issues for constitutionalists. Aldis Laviņš noted that he hopes for good co-operation to improve both legal systems and thus create a stable support for our countries to live under a peaceful and safe sky.

Dainius Žalimas reminded of very old historical traditions when the Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians and Poles had fought together and gained victories being the parts of one state. "That's why we are anxious when we see outright aggression of another state against Ukraine. We are here to share our experiences and express our solidarity," said Dainius Žalimas.

Andrzej Rzepliński noted the difficult situation in Ukraine because of the occupation of Crimea by Russia and the hostilities in the two Eastern regions. "It is called war in the international law. It can be with declaration or without", he said.

“However, it is important that Ukraine has already made its choice and now it is moving towards EU membership. Although this road may take 15-20 years, Ukraine has taken an important step to develop within the legal system, which is ruled only by the power of law and nothing else”, Andrzej Rzepliński noted.

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