Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Yurii Baulin met with the Experts' Team Leader for the EU Project "Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine"

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Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Yurii Baulin met with the Experts' Team Leader for the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine” Virgilijus Valančius


On July 24, 2014 the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Yurii Baulin met with the Experts' Team Leader for the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reform in Ukraine”, the Vice-President of the International Association of Judges, former President of the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania Virgilijus Valančius.

During the meeting the parties discussed the activities of the EU Project “Support to Justice Sector Reform inUkraine”, which began its work in accordance with the agreement signed in December 2011 between the Government of Ukraine and the European Union.

The aim of the EU Project is to accelerate sustainable reforms in justice sector in Ukraine. Virgilijus Valančiuspointed out that in this view in the framework of the EU Project there should be worked out single consolidated view of reforms in the justice sector, which will be shared by all stakeholders. The role of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in strengthening the independence of the judiciary is quite large, so it should be involved in this Project.

The parties agreed to an extensive exchange of experiences, which will improve the judicial system. Close collaboration between the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the EU Project will improve the activity of the judicial system, the introduction of the effective mechanisms in the administration of justice based on the latest technologies and practices of EU member states. Participants outlined a plan for the future cooperation, including meeting of working groups, strategic workshops, conferences, forums etc.

There were noted important aspects related to the improvement and strengthening of independent judiciary, one of which is the introduction of the constitutional complaint in Ukraine. Yurii Baulin marked that constitutional complaint is a separate, very important institution for protection of human rights, which should be in the Constitution as well as in the law.

The meeting was also attended by the judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Stanislav Shevchukand staff of the Secretariat of the Court.  


The ongoing EU-funded Project “Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine” aims to support consolidated justice sector-wide reforms in Ukraine. The Project foresees direct involvement of EU Member states and will continue 38 months. The budget of the Project is 8.6 million Euro. The Project brings together at the discussion table all sector stakeholders in order to assist them with the development of the joint sector-wide reform strategy. The strategy will be implemented through a robust sector coordination mechanism and will hinge on a tight implementation schedule backed by a multi-year financial commitment from the Ukrainian Government.

The Project is implemented by a Consortium led by Justice Coopération Internationale (JCI), the Frenchmandated body of the Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with CIVIPOL (mandated body of the French Ministry of Interior), ADETEF (mandated body of the French Ministry of Finance), the Ministry of Justice of Poland, the Ministry of Justice of Lithuania, the Institute of Law of Lithuania, the German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ), the mandated body of the German Federal Ministry of Justice, and the Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organisation, as associate to the action. 


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