Scientific and consultative council of the Court

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The Scientific and Consultative Council of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine is an advisory body to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine which prepares scientific opinions on its activities requiring research support. In its activity, the Research Advisory Council is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine "On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine", other normative acts and by Regulation.

The Scientific and Consultative Council of the Court is formed from highly qualified specialists in the field of law. A retired judge of the Court may be a member of the Council, as well as a specialist who holds the degree of Doctor of Science or Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate of Science).

The personal composition of the Scientific and Consultative Council of the Court is approved by a resolution of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the proposal of the Chairman of the Court.

The Scientific and Consultative Council of the Court provides scientific opinions on issues raised in constitutional petitions, constitutional appeals and constitutional complaints upon the requests of judges of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. The scientific opinion of the working body of the Council is signed by the members of the Council who prepared and supported it. This opinion shall be attached to the materials of the constitutional proceedings and is of a recommendatory nature.

It also assists the Constitutional Court of Ukraine in organizing and conducting scientific and scientific-practical events (conferences, round tables, symposia, etc.).

Meetings (including by videoconference) and participation in conferences, other scientific and scientific-practical events are the forms of the Research Advisory Council work. Meetings of the Council and its standing committees, working groups are convened if necessary, but at least once a year.

The status of a member of the Council is terminated in the case of a personal application or by a decision of the Court.



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